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How to play

When the number is displayed, you must poke the screen quickly with the correct combination of fingers. The problem is you only have a short amount of time to beat the clock. Are your reactions fast enough? Buzz! Ding! The sound tells you instantly if you have succeeded or not. Try and beat your high score, Poke-Fun some more.

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Recommend you give it a go!: WE.

Amazing lost of fun:TC.

This game is more addictive than the smell of wet paint: CCF.

Can't wait to see this game on android: TF.

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I was experimenting with the capabilities of a phone's touchscreen. I found "Input.touchCount" which can measure the number of fingers placed on the screen at the same time.

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Your suggestions

Would like a new game mode.LV

Add more backgrounds: CF.

Add a golden finger: LB.

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Patch notes

Release 1.0 : Updates to follow.

Release 1.1 : Minor bug fixes. Music displayed every time you get a score of 50. Unlockable backgrounds.

Release 1.2 : Minor bug fixes. Added the main menu.

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Played best on iphone X and other iphones. 2 channels stereo audio.