About us

The Jet2Games development team is keen on producing extraordinary, entertaining games and apps. As well as this, six years of experience from programming in c# in Unity, modelling in Blender, graphics design in Photoshop and audio design in Audacity, has enabled our games and apps to be more efficient and better than ever. 

We have inhouse expertise on steroscopic 3D systems which will allow for some exciting future applications. We have some experience with AI systems which we hope to incorporate. Currently, we are producing applications for IOS and Android devices, however we are planning to expand to pc and console in the future.

A Few Past Unpublished Projects

Other projects are undisclosed due to possible development in the future.
Never Stop

A fast and exhilarating game where the player swipes left, right and up to avoid the red obstacles in the moticycles tracks.

Rock Paper Scissors Champion

The classic game of rock paper scissors which you play against an AI of different difficulties.

Car AI

A first test and demonstrator of a very basic self driving car which learns how to navigate around the track at great speeds.

Jet AR

An app which allows a phone to work in an ar headset, controlled with manomotions hand tracking which includes a host of useful features such as: maps, calculator and more!

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