The Lost Cube

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How to play

The objective of the game is to avoid the tree trunks and cactuses to stay alive. Tap the phone screen with your finger to make your cube jump over the obstacles. Keep trying to better your highscore so you are improving your skills all the time. Change the colour of your cube by going to the editor and choose your skin.

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Wow this game is amazing: JP.

This game gets really fast the longer you live: BC.

Love it but need more scenes: JE.

Can't wait to see this game on other platforms: CN.

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I have always loved the dinasaur game on Google Chrome so I used it as my inspiration. I hope you don't mind Google.

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Your suggestions

Needs more skins: AB

Like to see the cube with animated arms and legs: CF.

How about some colours for us girls like pink with polkadots: JW.

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Patch notes

Release 1.0 : Updates to follow.

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Played best on iphone X and other iphones. Ipad users will be able to get the lost cube soon. 2 channels stereo audio.